Final Paper Submission Guidelines

All accepted papers must be prepared as indicated below.


Please read the reviews and follow the reviewers' recommendations for revising your final paper. When you are done with revising, please print out your paper and proofread it. Review formatting requirements.


Final paper submission deadline is Feb 20, 2009.

You will need the following for submission.

(1) Final version for the conference proceedings. Please follow the IEEE conference format (not exceeding 8 pages), and the final version for the conference proceedings must be submitted via IRADSN 2009 submission page.

(2) Manuscript for IJDSN. Please prepare 4 pages for a regular paper and 2 pages for a short paper (extended abstract). Because IJDSN does not provide a template for submission, the authors are recommended to consider the information on word count below to prepare the manuscript, and the manuscript and all source files (word, latex, bib, image files, etc) for IJDSN must be emailed to with the subject "IRADSN_<paper id>_IJDSN".

  • The average total word count for the first two pages of a regular article in IJDSN is 926 words. This includes the title, author information, and CFNs (the correspondence address and other footnotes on the opening page). It should be noted that this number will vary somewhat per manuscript, and some papers may be a little longer when actually typeset. However, it would be easy to rectify this at revised pages, and you may want to quote the authors a slightly lower number-such as no longer than 900 words.
  • A normal, non-opening and non-reference page of text (without figures/tables, etc.) is an average of 530 words.